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Lokesh Kashyap (b. 1991, India) is a Naarm based fashion designer.


Lokesh launched his eponymous label in 2019 with a forward-thinking design ideology. Offering a unique perspective, his pieces evoke transformative emotions and triumphantly challenge the western white lens that the fashion industry is benchmarked upon. Lokesh’s values of design combats with purity, the deconstruction of Eurocentric appraisal and recognition. Praised by the industry professionals for his continued commitment to “breaking a lot of rules” whilst keeping true to his aesthetic of creating contemporary silhouettes with a subcultural flair.

“My mother, well ahead of her time, had an elegantly subtle yet commanding way with which she dressed. Her daring, larger than life colour palette, and the sublimity with which she carried herself sprung everyone’s envy and admiration. Equally at par with her was my dad, who took pride in curating my mother’s wardrobe, something that I often look back upon, and, admire his indomitability.


I can still visualise being surrounded by beautifully tailored garments shimmering with timeless embroidery, vibrancy of which rarely went unadmired. It was then that I became fascinated with vibrant textiles and finer details in construction of a well-tailored garment that not only exuded an aura of confidence but also stood the test of time.”


Keeping the non-negotiable principles that guide his life at the forefront of his creative design process, Lokesh maintains a delicately balanced concoction of bold and exciting with sublime elegance. His label is a visual love letter to those who call this country home away from home; for those who lead; who won’t be held back, and for the many who would rather create their own table, than find a seat at another.    

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